Trader Joe’s Best Foods for February 2021, Reviewed

Shawarma fillet of beef
There is lightly seasoned meat in the body bag, which you need to unfold before cooking. Speaking of cooking, you’ll be overcooking the meat if you follow the package instructions, and whether that’s intentional or not, it’s all good because it’s smothered in flavorful zhug and creamy-cool tzatziki (sold separately) anyway.

Sesame Teriyaki Chicken Wing Sections
Mmm, sections. Eleven sweet and flabby wings (I should have baked them on a wire rack to make them crispier). What is fascinating – if something like that fascinates you – is that the packaging has instructions on how to air fry, bake, and grill. So do the breaded fried ravioli. Sure, I need an air fryer!

Salads and salad accessories

Vegan Taco Salad Kit
This plastic bag full of other plastic bags (“salad kit”) contains a creamy dressing, pico de goo, blue tortilla chip crumbs and chipotle seitan, which give a pretty good impression of ground beef. I ate the whole thing.

Plantain croutons
Very crispy and dense, nice and garlicky, too hard for a salad. I ate them by the handful only to find out one serving is a tablespoon (insane).

New cheeses

Dorothys Holy Smoke Soft matured cheese
You are buying this because it is a cute flower shape. Then let it warm to room temperature and assemble your dinner cheese platter, tell the story on TikTok, become a millionaire with sponsored content for cheese platters, blow it all on an old Victorian house that needs to be completely rewired and sweep You returned from there to the cheese plates it all started. Or just smother every creamy, oddly smoky bite with American Spoon’s Peach Habanero Jelly (buy some here, it’s perfect) and be happy with what you have.

British Mustard & Ale Cheddar Cheese
This is the new cheese I would invest your paycheck in. The little mustard seeds are a lot of fun. The cheese is soft and mild. Would be great on a salami sandwich. Try it.

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