Trump avoids conviction in second impeachment trial with 57-43 vote in Senate


The second impeachment trial against former President Donald Trump ends with his acquittal on Saturday after he was charged with rioting after his supporters stormed the Capitol on January 6. See full story.

Despite rising stocks and house prices, US inflation won’t be a problem for some time

Baseball stadiums, conference rooms, and amusement parks are being used for mass COVID vaccination, which likely underscores how far the nation must go before significant inflation sets in. See full story.

Dogecoin founder says the rise of crypto is “nothing I can understand”.

Billy Markus said he sold all of his crypto in 2015 after being fired from his job See full story.

I am 64 years old, single and am retiring after fighting cancer. I have $ 1.6 million. Should i retire?

Do you have a question about your retirement, including where you live? Email [email protected] See full story.

The British scientist warns that the new variant of COVID will take over the world as California confirms two cases of South African contamination

A British scientist warned Thursday that the variant of the coronavirus-borne disease, COVID-19, which first appeared there and is far more contagious than the original virus, could “take over the world” and complicate efforts to contain the pandemic. See full story.


“Understanding that times are difficult, we continued to send her payment for the weeks we asked her to stay home.” See full story.

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