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Types of Retirement Communities

There is a broad selection of Jacksonville senior independent living community to choose from. These communities are an excellent option for you to enjoy your retirement in peace and security. They also offer you a sense belonging and community. If you’re looking for a resort lifestyle, a socially vibrant atmosphere, or something in between There is an independent living community that can suit your needs.

55+ communities

Many senior independent living communities require residents to be at least 55 years old or older. They are specifically designed to meet the distinct and diverse needs of senior citizens and offer activities that cater to a variety of interests, and offering an environment that is welcoming and will allow you to live an active and satisfying life.

Artist retirement communities

Certain communities offer an artistic setting that allows seniors to share their passions and pursue careers in the arts. These retirement communities typically offer studio space as well as classes or exhibitions to stimulate the creativity of all types of artists.

LGBTQ+ retirement communities

These communities are focused on seniors who identify as gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender, or queer. They offer support and resources to LGBTQseniors.

Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORCS).

In order to better serve the growing population of adults over age 65, many municipalities and states have created NORC programs. These programs require that NORCs offer various health and support services that residents are able to avail when they need.

Your budget, your requirements and the amenities you want in your retirement home will all play a part in deciding the best kind. It is important to speak with family members, friends and healthcare providers to determine what kind of senior living is suitable for you.

Co-op/Senior Housing

People who buy a unit from a senior housing community or co-op become shareholders. They are granted access to the communal spaces, such as fitness and libraries, and also a say in the way it’s operated.

There are many different types of co-ops and they differ by state. Some are nonprofit or for-profit, while others are private companies.

Some co-ops are run by an executive board that comprises volunteers. Others are managed by professionals who are employed in the field and have experience with seniors.

Facilities for Assisted Living Facilities

In September 1999 the Assisted Living Federation of America reported that there were about twenty to thirty thousand assisted living facilities across the United States. These are facilities that provide basic food, housing, and assistance with daily chores for those who require assistance but don’t require medical treatment.

Some seniors prefer living on their own, while others require assistance with their daily activities especially if they are suffering from health issues. A retirement facility that offers both housing and assistance is the best choice for those who require assistance. These communities are commonly called continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs).



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