Urban Meyer’s Renewal in Jacksonville

Since Khan’s first season as owner in 2012, no team has had a worse record than the Jaguars (39-105), who somehow never made it to be lazy enough to become the No. 1. Earn 1 of the draft picks. They have outperformed every other team in the free agency during this period, but only had one winning season in 2017, in which You lost the AFC title game in New England. As of that peak, Jacksonville is 12-36.

John Caputo, the President of Brave city brigade, a Jaguars fan club with sections across the country and overseas, likes to say that when the weather is nice, Jacksonville fans can’t be around. For years they have endured ridicules of their team, their city, their own perceived apathy, and yet they have a discretionary income to watch bad football in person.

Darkness lifted in December when the worst season in franchise history produced its most auspicious moment: The winning jets defeated the Los Angeles Rams In week 15, Jacksonville prevailed with a win over Tiebreaker to get the right to draft Lawrence. “The last month of the season was the most fun we’ve had since 2017, despite the fact that we set a franchise record because we were terrible,” said Caputo. “Because of the Trevor watch.”

As the jets circled Los Angeles, Caputo was sitting riveted in a bar near his Jacksonville Beach home. The patrons sang: “JETS, Jets, Jets, Jets!” Fearing the Jets would lose if he left, Caputo stayed until the end.

“For the past 10 years we just want the jaguars to win but they lose,” Caputo said on a video call. “And now we’re actually cheering them on that they are losing, which was kind of liberating.”

His friend Pat Donnell, the vice-president of the brigade, intervened: “And you did not disappoint.”

Given the team’s rebuilding, fans are gathering new ambitions. Since Meyer arrived, season ticket deposits have come in so quickly – and from so many new customers – that the Jaguars have hired 20 new sales representatives. Traffic on the team’s website and social media accounts has increased significantly. Much of that comes from outside Florida, including the Midwest where Meyer last trained.

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