• September 29, 2023

Valentine Gifts With A Difference

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Since Valentine’s Day flowers and chocolates are not a cliché – gifts from today through tomorrow – how about a more thoughtful appreciation of your partner’s interests that offers lasting value.

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Whether classical, jazz or the latest contemporary singer-songwriters – listening to music together can be the best way to share the company of that special person.

How about offering your partner a first-class membership to an online radio station for jazz lovers that offers countless hours of high-quality music without advertising? The jazz groove is a service of the ‘Foundation to Advance Jazz’, contributions to which are tax deductible. After starting out in 2016 as a non-profit, individual radio station with a focus on “laid-back jazz”, it has now been expanded to five different channels.

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Oslo News Lite is an innovative gift, a clock radio with built-in speaker and wireless charger that you can stream from your smartphone or tablet via the Bluetooth connection. Thanks to Qi technology, you can charge your smartphone by simply placing it on the top of the radio.

This product was designed by Andrea Quaglio and Manuela Simonelli and is part of the ‘Quaglio Simonelli’ or Miami collection, which is described as ‘familiar objects contaminated by the unexpected and poetic requirements.’

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Literature offers another option to music. Given the widespread barriers to the spread of Covid, many people have embraced creative writing as a means of taking advantage of the quiet time. So why not pamper your partner with one of the many writing workshops available now?

Ireland writing retreat is an online series of hands-on, bespoke weekend workshops with experienced tutors and published authors in many genres, from memoirs to fiction. Firsthand reviews are also offered as part of the package. There is no better way to get inspiration than to be in the company of an exclusive small group of fellow writers and wipe that unfinished manuscript in your drawer. Maybe it’s a bestseller waiting to be discovered. The group of authors also organizes a special Valentine’s Day competition, which is – of course – based on the theme of love.

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When the days are getting longer and winter is almost over, the idea of ​​getting out of hibernation and exploring the outdoors with your partner sounds like fun.

But in many places there is challenging weather in mid-February. Don’t worry, products from ‘Drying cabinet, ‘keeps you and your partner cozy and warm as you hike through the countryside. The UK-based company was founded by nature lover Gideon Bright and has developed an advanced, fleece-lined, loose-fitting wrap robe to keep the calm. “My long-sleeved bathrobe lives on the north west coast of Ireland, a damp and windy region, and keeps me warm and cozy. This is critically important as I have three dogs, two of which are Collies, who appreciate their daily hikes along the beach and over the hills, “Columbia Vaileanu said.

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While parts of the US and Europe are now cold, other places like Southern California, Arizona, and further afield in Australia and New Zealand offer perfect climates for camping and picnics, fun experiences for loving couples. Look for suitable devices Outdoor productsthat offers a wide variety of choices, from tents for 4 to 10 people and framed backpacks to sleeping bags and hip bags in many designs and colors.

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It’s’ Grand Park ‘2 in 1,’ suitable for beach trips, fishing trips and picnics, for example. It has a detachable, insulated compartment with a zippered pocket, an ice pack cover in an insulated compartment, several belt attachment loops and a front drinks pocket. You might also want to check out the Road Tripper Duffel, an easy-to-carry travel bag with plenty of storage space in large front and back pockets.

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