• February 26, 2024

WATER SLIDES: A Water Slide, An Absolute Must For The Pool

The children’s slide is indispensable in a water playground. Climbing and sliding is not only fun for the children but also good physical exercise. The range of professional water slides ranges from a large pool slide for the whole family to a small toddler slide for the younger children. Our rainbow slide is very recognizable and popular; have you seen it yet?

Water Slide Rentals from Inflatable Party Magic; best choice for event and party entertainment, inflatable bounce houses, combo jumpers and more.

Glide safely on a professional water slide

Safety and quality are essential spearheads. All children’s slides are produced and installed by European standards and are TUV approved. Your bathers are therefore guaranteed to slide safely on all our water slides from the range.

Buy and design your water slide?

Do you prefer a different figure on the sides of the water slide instead of the dolphin or crocodile? It is possible to personalize the sides according to your wishes. Perhaps you have a mascot at your location, or your swimming pool is themed. Not only the slides but also the sliding surface or just the colors can be customized. Discuss your ideas with our sales team, and they will make a 3D proposal for you without any obligation. A tailor-made water slide!

Combine water slide with other water play products:

A water slide can be adjusted in width, length, and height and can also be combined well with water play equipment or other water play figures, such as play ships and castles. What do you think of your play ship with a family slide or a large castle combined with large and small slides?


The slide, a classic in children’s play areas for decades. Who has never had fun sliding down one of them?

Slides are the natural evolution of those from our childhood. They have the advantage of being less dangerous, flexible, transportable, and stored after being used. It is the perfect solution for children to have a giant slide in the garden without parents saying goodbye to their green space.

It is essential to think carefully about the space to install it: it must be flat and free of any obstacle. Also, access to this slide, as well as the arrival, must be clear.

As with other inflatables, specific details must also be taken into account when choosing between different models, such as the presence of the necessary accessories:

  • Repair kit
  • Inflation turbine
  • Transport bag

The products delivered by BeBop are provided with everything you need to be able to enjoy them immediately.


Water slide or bounce? It is the main question that needs to be answered before deciding on a model.

While aquatic play areas are often preferred in the summer when the thermometer is rising, and you are looking to cool off, their period of use is more restricted, usually confined to the summer months.

In contrast, children can enjoy the “dry” slides for most of the year, and even in winter for those who live in Mediterranean climates.

The less steep slides are particularly suitable for the little ones, who enjoy the pleasures of sliding without gaining too much speed. On the contrary, older children prefer taller and more sloping structures, which give them more sensations while guaranteeing unfailing safety.


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