• April 12, 2024

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Moving Alone

We hear more and more about self-relocation. Self-relocation, what is it? Derived from English, it consists of moving yourself, without calling a removal professional. More than 70% of people use this method to move their boxes, belongings and furniture.

Is this a good solution to save on your move? We present here the advantages and disadvantages of this new way of transporting your belongings, without having to resort to the services of a mover.

Benefits of moving alone

To finish the introduction on self-moving, what are the means at your disposal to help you move or transport your belongings yourself?

Either you can do everything on your own from A to Z, but you can also have recourse to the rental of a truck to help you move alone, to the rental of a self-storage box to store your belongings yourself ( boxes, furniture, etc.), to the box collection that you will find everywhere, and to your friends or family to help you on moving day.

Self-relocation has several advantages. First of all, it may turn out to be more economical. Indeed, you do not have the labor of the mover who is billed to you, nor the costs of their truck, but you will only have the rental of the truck to provide to transport your belongings. With a little luck, you may have the advantage of having a loved one who can lend you a vehicle to help you transport your furniture and boxes. As a result, you save on the main expense of a move (well, it will probably cost you an aperitif for your loved ones, but that should – normally – cost you less…).

It’s also a way to test the people you think you can count on…? No more jokes, despite the apparent difficulties and inconveniences of moving, we generally have a pleasant and friendly time with the people around us. Moving a heavy piece of furniture can weld a friendship …

Apart from the economic factor, moving can give you more flexibility. You can move when you want, without time constraints, on weekends, in the evening … Today, renting a truck offers you a lot of advantages in terms of flexibility, unlike the time/duration disadvantages. a mover (there are packages adapted to each of your needs

This solution also has the advantage of being able to move in several times (to start by transporting boxes and light belongings, first, then transporting furniture and heavy items, secondly) …

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Disadvantages of moving alone

Despite all the advantages over self-removal listed above, this model also has drawbacks that should not be overlooked.

Indeed, the advantages mentioned above can very well turn into disadvantages if your plan to move was not well prepared in advance.

  • First of all, make sure that all the handling that a mover does, can be done by yourself or your loved ones. Difficult to consider moving a piano, a safe, an old cabinet or various heavy furniture. If this is not the case, you will necessarily have to hire a specialized mover.
  • Prepare your boxes well to save time on D-Day. Nothing is worse than unprepared boxes when you plan to start loading your moving truck. You will lose precious time and for your truck rental, the clock is ticking … You usually rent it for a certain period of time, and a delay will result in penalties.
  • In addition, we advise you to favor boxes of a similar size. The idea of ​​picking up boxes for free from merchants near you is appealing, but only using different-sized boxes can be a headache on moving day to stack and load your truck and carrying your things.
  • Try to dismantle as much furniture as possible. This will allow you to transport them more easily. Even if this can represent the disadvantage of increasing the number of trips back and forth, it has the main advantage of not injuring you with a piece of furniture that is too heavy, or of preventing you from being able to transport a piece of furniture. And again, you will save precious time.
  • Provide suitable handling equipment, like that used by a professional mover. Hand trucks, carts, skateboards are all tools that will help you transport your furniture and boxes more easily.
  • Anticipate as much as possible all the services that could be useful to you. The rental of a moving truck or the rental of a storage box must be reserved in advance. Generally, this allows you to get a better rate than at the last minute, and to guarantee your availability on the day of the move. This will also allow you to have peace of mind on D-Day, and not to waste time running around.

Finally, make sure you have planned the number of people necessary to help you move on D-Day. Otherwise, some furniture or things may be left on the floor.


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