• April 16, 2024

What can we do in tree care?

Tree care is essential if you want to enjoy the tree once planted in your garden for a very long time. Tree care starts with planting the tree and is an ongoing process until it eventually needs to be lifted. Postponing the latter as long as possible is the starting point for tree care. How does MY Tree Services Round Rock keep the tree healthy and in harmony with the garden for as long as possible?

What can we do in tree care?

1.    Planting trees

When choosing to plant a tree in the garden, the growing conditions should be considered. Is the tree suitable for the park, or can we make the garden ideal for the tree? By analyzing this for you, a successful planting at a later stage is guaranteed. Supplying topsoil on clay soil, adding peat or compost to the ground is often possible to ensure the right growing conditions. We can say that tree care starts immediately with planting.

2.    Trimming trees

Any planted trees would soon no longer fit in the garden without some form of tree care. Pruning the trees ensures that the tree can be preserved for the park for a long time. Also, pruning is often necessary for the first years to immediately get the tree in the right shape. By removing branches, the tree will invest in a more robust root ball, trunk and crown. It results in a very healthy tree.

3.    Transplanting trees

Trees that have been planted too close together or in the wrong place could, in theory, be moved. Nevertheless, this requires some research to see whether this is feasible in practice. The condition of the tree and the size of the root ball play a significant role in this. In preparation, the root ball could be cut all around well before moving the tree. When it is moved later, the root ball will be larger. It increases the chances of successfully transplanting the tree in your garden.

4.    Tree research

Trees in bad condition express this in a low growth, discolouration in the leaves, or branches’ death. When the tree must be preserved because of the garden’s ornamental value, tree research can be carried out. A specialist will then come to your home to determine where the problem is and, if possible, come up with a solution. It is possible that the tree can be saved so that you can enjoy it for years to come!

5.    Grubbing up trees

Although trees can get very old, they may eventually have to be cleared from your garden. Gras en Groen Hoveniers can also take care of this last step for you. We cut the tree in various ways, depending on the safety of the gardener and the environment. You may keep the wood yourself; there are often enough destinations to think of.

There are many different reasons for grubbing up:

  • Sick or in bad shape
  • Too big for the location
  • Suppresses other plants in the garden
  • Dangerously close to the house
  • Risk of falling over


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