Why Do We Have To Go To The Dentist Periodically

Oral health is an integral part of good overall health. Preventive dental follow-ups such as examining the oral cavity, scaling and prophylaxis are the basis of optimal oral health! However, many patients neglect routine visits to the dentist and dental hygienist. Some people think them unnecessary, judging that their teeth seem healthy. And others even mistakenly believe that they are necessary only if they feel pain. In this article, we will therefore explain to you what this care is for and its importance.

Why do we have to go to the dentist?

Remove dental Plaque and tartar.

Even with impeccable dental hygiene combining dental floss and toothbrush, no one can eliminate dental Plaque and tartar. Of course, you can prevent these deposits, but only the instruments used by the dental hygienist can correctly remove them.

First, the latter’s scaling removes the hard deposits of tartar that form on the teeth. Cleaning (polishing/prevention), on the other hand, makes it possible to soften and polish their surface to prevent the dental Plaque – hardly visible – to adhere to it and accumulate there. Also, this treatment improves teeth’ appearance by removing stains (tea, coffee, red wine etc.).

Why do you need to remove dental Plaque and tartar?

When it builds up on teeth, Plaque can cause cavities, but it can also calcify and form tartar. If Plaque and tartar are not removed, they can cause gingivitis, a gum disease that, if left unchecked, can develop into periodontitis, a leading cause of tooth loss in adults.

Detect problems early

Even if you don’t feel any pain or notice any abnormalities in your mouth, that doesn’t mean you’re okay. In this sense, only a dentist in conjunction with the hygienist can detect incipient caries, periodontal disease, defective fillings, oral lesions and other oral diseases, and this, before they cause you pain or they are apparent. They are then able to offer you appropriate treatment. And when the problem is still at an early stage, the solution is generally more straightforward and less expensive!

Take care of your oral health.

The dentist boronia does not only look at the gums! The tongue, soft tissues, palate, throat and the inside of the cheeks are also carefully examined for any disease such as, among others, cancer of the mouth.

How often should you go to the dentist?

Once a year, every six months, more often, more rarely; there is no easy answer to this question. How often you should visit your dentist depends on many factors, such as health, age, medication, etc. Your ability and diligence in performing personal oral hygiene care also come into play. The interval between appointments is established mainly according to the caries index, the plaque index observed, and the measured periodontal index.

According to the professional dentists, you should also answer the following questions so that you, your dentist and hygienist can determine the appropriate number of visits for you:

  • Do you floss your teeth every day?
  • You brush your teeth at least twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste, following the recommendations of
  • your dentist and hygienist as to how to do this?
  • Is your diet well balanced, and are you monitoring your intake of sweets and sticky foods?
  • Are you drinking enough water?
  • Do you smoke?
  • Have you ever had cavities or gum disease?
  • Is your health generally good?

In conclusion, good dental hygiene at home is not enough to remove toothbrush and floss resistant deposits. Invisible problems can only be detected in the clinic. To have a radiant and healthy smile, do not neglect your dentist and hygienist’s examination and cleaning visits. You will avoid it. Thus more expensive and unpleasant care!


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