• February 26, 2024

Why it matters for Hollywood

After decades of sparkling, drinking Golden Globes Matters that kicked off the awards season in style, the real story behind the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is a fucking buzzkill.

And after Tom Cruise returned his trophies on Monday, the HFPA may need to start clearing its lobby for more incoming mail. The response to the apparent lack of racial diversity at the 87-strong HFPA was quick and decisive as Netflix, Amazon, and WarnerMedia severed ties with the long-standing organization – which a says doesn’t have a single black member Los Angeles Times investigation – to a strong rebuke from the movie stars it desperately loves, including Mark Ruffalo and Scarlett Johansson. However, the biggest bomb fell on Monday when NBC withdrew from the air Globes of the next year.

“We continue to believe that the HFPA is committed to meaningful reform. However, changing this magnitude will take time and work, and we strongly believe that it will take time for the HFPA to get it right,” the network said in one Declaration, hinting that a 2023 show is possible if the HFPA “implements” its reform plan.

NBC cancels Golden Globes for 2022: HFPA has to deal with its problems first

The globes had to do with falling ratings even before the current turmoil and are currently an endangered species. And at a time when Hollywood is finally being dragged out with kicks and screams #OscarsSoWhiteIt’s absolutely right to take a break, even if it means that next year’s awards season will be a little less glamorous. (We’ve just gone through a period of Zoom acceptance speeches and winners in their pajamas, so it’ll probably be fine.)

From the Academy of Arts and Sciences for Feature Films, voting groups of artists and creators are working to diversify their membership lists to reflect reality. It’s starting to show: For the first time this year, the Screen Actors Guild Awards People With Color have won the Individual Acting Awards (Viola Davis, Yuh-jung Youn, Daniel Kaluuya, and the late Chadwick Boseman) and several Oscar winners in history, including “Nomadland” filmmaker Chloe Zhao, the became the first woman of color to win the best director.

Then there is the HFPA, which is currently a burning house of scandal, from preferential treatment to its members to the issue of racial representation, and real power players seem to be dealing with the high jinks. (WarnerMedia has specifically asked HFPA for a code of conduct to prevent “unwanted physical contact” of its talents and employees a groping accusation.)

The organization has planned reforms, including adding 20 new members by August (with a particular focus on recruiting black members) and a stated goal of increasing membership by 50% over the next 18 months. Maybe they take it seriously after being stepped straight into the moneymaker: the globes are the main source of income for the HFPA, and Variety reported on it in 2018 NBC paid $ 60 million a year for broadcast rights In other words, each of those Cruise trophies returned can remind them of lost $ 20 million.

Best and Worst Globes Moments:From Tina and Amy’s jokes to Chadwick Boseman’s emotional victory

Nor could it come to a worst time in general after having a series of awards shows Crater ratings. The Globes from the pandemic dropped to 6.9 million viewers, a 64% decrease from 2020 and barely surpassing a 2008 NBC press conference announcing the Globe winners as the result of a writers’ strike. Audiences already seem less and less interested in these congratulatory showbiz matters, and no next year globe could just be a reminder of how unnecessary they were in the first place.

In a sense, it will be the HFPA’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” moment: everyone will see what life is like when the show doesn’t exist. And if they want to avoid total extinction, the HFPA may really want to work together.

Putting out the fires and fixing the broken parts will take time, but the best way to get strong again is to have a star-studded 2023 affair that reminds everyone of the alcohol-fueled, loose goosebumps of years gone by, that were fun, whether in the crowd or at home. And the only way to get mainstays like Cruise back is to play ball and take that criticism to heart, just as the HFPA’s life depends on it – mainly because it does.

Otherwise, they face many unfortunate returns.

The future of inclusion in Hollywood:How helpful are the new Oscars diversity standards?


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