WNBA Twitter sounds off on Skylar Diggins-Smith and Jazmine Jones drama

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WNBA Twitter does not take days off.

Instead of games on Monday night, we got more drama than the Kardashians series finale.

It all started when that New York freedom‘s Jazmine Jones came across a tweet hailing a Skylar Diggins-Smith for putting Jones’ teammate Didi Richards on ice skates over the weekend.

Sure, Jones – whose game winner beat Diggins-Smiths Phoenix Mercury on Sunday – could have gone the big way and scrolled on, but instead she opted for violence – uh, turned to Twitter fingers to express her displeasure.

Of course, Diggins-Smith wasn’t here for Jones’s criticism.

Shut up girl Can’t post a highlight? First, complain to your organization why they are exaggerating just one person!

– Skylar Diggins-Smith (@ SkyDigg4) June 14, 2021

Diggins-Smith not only asked Jones to sit down, but took the opportunity to explore Liberty’s marketing strategy as a whole.

For those who aren’t fluent about what is happening on WNBA Twitter, Diggins-Smith was referring to New York’s propensity to cram Sabrina Ionescu into the 2020 # 1 overall pick more than any other player.

This isn’t the first time the Phoenix star has pointed out discrepancies in the release of players across the league. She also shared her thoughts on the matter back in January when Skills trainer Alex Bazzell commented that UConn rookie phenomenon Paige Bueckers would already be a top five point guard in the league, with Diggins-Smith pointing out as basketball media are faster, white players raise than blacks.

But Diggins-Smith wasn’t done there yet. She doubled her demeanor with a pointed tweet about “crabs in a barrel”:

Crabs in a barrel ass mentality!

– Skylar Diggins-Smith (@ SkyDigg4) June 14, 2021

If you come to Diggins-Smith it is best not to miss it.

A rule that apparently also applies to Jones because she wasn’t in the mood to give in. As her next tweet proves:

“Girl Shut tf up” fights against words … so what’s really good 🤔

– Jazmine Jones (@ Jazmine_Jones4) June 14, 2021

And one thing about what I can’t include in this story because of the NSFW language – it basically implied that this is actually what she is after.

And the tasteful (read: petty) retweet of your Sunday dagger to be on the safe side. You know, just in case Diggins-Smith needs to be reminded of the L she took.


– Myles (@MylesEhrlich) June 14, 2021

With the superstar and second graders going behind their keyboards, players, teams, and stan accounts couldn’t help basking in the drama that wasn’t theirs.

Which, admittedly, was a nice change for Liz Cambage.

Literally never happened before

– Sydney Colson (@SydJColson) June 14, 2021

The bottom line is, if you got your ankles but your team got the W … you still got your ankles.

– Sydney Colson (@SydJColson) June 14, 2021

I love when WNBA players fight🤗 Let’s start with the ad hominem attacks now because these are my favorites

– Sydney Colson (@SydJColson) June 14, 2021

No, that’s my favorite logical fallacy

– Sydney Colson (@SydJColson) June 14, 2021

I say nothing. But I saw it. And I’m really looking forward to August 25th. That’s all. pic.twitter.com/W72uWNWT98

– Lexie Brown (@Lexiebrown) June 14, 2021

Didn’t know Monday was comedy night https://t.co/KExuejYOr4 pic.twitter.com/3T1R5YxtWL

– Skylar Diggins-Smith Stan account (@PhoenixMercury) June 14, 2021

https://t.co/vUgtX9slzW pic.twitter.com/DuJBfaMyP3

– Atlanta Dream (@AtlantaDream) June 14, 2021

🍿 Have a nice Monday pic.twitter.com/tcLFCiZdjC

– Dallas Wings (@DallasWings) June 15, 2021


– Las Vegas Aces (@LVAces) June 14, 2021


– Chicago Sky (@chicagosky) June 14, 2021


– Skylar Diggins-Smith Stan account (@PhoenixMercury) April 10, 2020

We apologize in advance to @AtlantaDream , @ConnecticutSun , @chicagosky , @LVAces , @DallasWings for the collateral damage. Once was enough, we hope for your understanding.

– Skylar Diggins-Smith Stan account (@PhoenixMercury) June 15, 2021

The August 25th meeting between Mercury and Liberty cannot come soon enough.

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