• April 12, 2024

Wondering What To Eat When Sick? May These 41 Recipes Be Thy Medicine

One hypothesis: your germ child gave you the lurgies. You’re already at maximum Tylenol; Modern medicine is not going to help you now. Hmm, do you think what to eat when you are sick? Well, snoop, hold on to your handkerchief! These recipes for yummy Garlic broth, Chicken and Rice Soup with peppy chili oil and calming (without alcohol) Green tea toddlers are practical for days when you feel worse. They all rely on good-natured ingredients – ginger! Ferments! Heat! – this can help to strengthen the physical – let us be emotional – defenses of your body. Sure, you should also drink plenty of fluids, get plenty of rest, and get the (real) advice of an actual doctor (which I am not). But none of this works as well as a soothing bowl of umami vegetarian noodles. If you’re not sure what to eat when you’re sick, consider these 77 recipes as an antidote – at least to indecision.

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